Å-festiin on alle kaksi viikkoa. Jotain pientä uutta aion saada myyntipöydälle!

/ Less than two weeks to Å-fest. I’m gonna bring something tiny and new to the counter!

miten katsot

How do you look at me?

Ennen taukoa

Olen puurtanut novellini parissa, mutta nyt on joulutauon paikka. Tässä yksi sivu ennen lomaa. / I’ve been scrubbing with my short story, but now it’s time to take a holiday break. Here’s one page before vacation.


I like people, but I need to quiet, too. / I’m from a small town by the sea. / There houses were low and was a lot of sky to see. / I think that’s why I want to stare the far point.