Kohti pimeyttä. Ei ku Oulua.

Oulun Sarjakuvafestivaali alkoi just. Huomiseksi pitäisi ehtiä mukaan. / Oulu Comics Festival started just now. By tomorrow I should be there.


’Come out. Train is leavin’. ’Nope. It’s dark all the time anyway. I’ll stay here all winter.’ / It’s still a festival. They promised there will be light. The theme and all.

Kaakelin viemää nro 41


’There’s nothing in this card.’ ’Oh dear…’ / ’Did I take wrong card with me…’ ’ Let’s check it by your name.’ / ’There’s nothing in either of your cards’ ’Oh, how…’ ’… hasn’t been in four months.’

Kaakelin viemää nro 40


’I left an umbrella there on that bench.’ ’Lost and founds come here just in the evening.’ / ’Where might it be now?’ ’Where else you were?’ ’At the café. But I left it there.’ ’Well. In the evening they come.’ / ’What are those? That red one is mine! There is written Aili on the handle. / Hrumph.

Kaakelin viemää nro 39


’Hi, caretaker! Long time no see!’ ’Hi…’ / ’Guess, why I haven’t visited here.’ ’I don’t…’ ’So guess.’ ’No…’ ’I had a flu, of course.’ / Don’t mind, they didn’t guess it at guessing center (= insulting term for a health center) either. / At guessing center! Buahhahhaa!