Tulossa: Kaakelin viemää

Olen työstämässä ihka ensimmäistä Kaakelin viemää -liuskalehteä!

/ I’m working on my very first landscape booklet!


[Gone with the Ceramic Tiles / It must be thrown little by little.]

Siksi ei uutta strippiä nyt, mutta sentään kansi maistiaisiksi.

/ That’s why no new strip now, but at least a cover.

Kaakelin viemää nro 28


These rooms are difficult. You should have asked a crippled one to test these. / ’We did have an expert on testing.’ ’In shower room and sauna, too?’ ’Yes.’ / ’Oh, she was an agile lame one, though.’ ’Well… she is blind.’

Kaakelin viemää nro 27


Hi, you there! / ’Do you have your own swimming style?’ ’No… I’m water jogging.’ / ’Is that some kind of care though?’ ’No…’ ’I mean natural care?’ ’No.’ ’Well, are you a caretaker?’ ’Well, yes I am.’ I guessed!’